BYR TeamOur small group of full-time, dedicated teachers have all been formally trained. We are passionate about our studio, and that doesn't mean the four walls. This studio is based around the students who practise here. As soon as you come in you will realise that for yourself. Our teachers will get to know you, your physical history along with any injuries that you have, they will follow your progress with your practice and keep you safe.

Yoga has the ability to turn your life upside down. Your practice will make you look at your life and the world around you in a different way. Sometimes that can be quite confrontational. Although what we teach is an obviously physical challenge, often some of the hardest work within your practice is mental and emotional. The teaching here is to support you through that work. We treat our students with great respect but are not here to be everyone's best friend and stroke egos. We are here to show you that your body and your mind are capable of extraordinary things.



Johnny started his Bikram practice in San Francisco in 1998 under the watchful eye of Mary Jarvis at Global Yoga.

"I went along to my first class to do some stretching and to get some exercise. I came out realising that I needed a little more than that! This yoga can just take you by the scruff of the neck and shake you down to your bones. I was living my life through a very different set of ambitions and priorities at that time. A yoga class in a hot room triggered some unexpected changes. Soon my family started commenting on how "Corporate Boy" sounded much happier and less stressed, and my troublesome knees started to become much stronger."

Four years later, Johnny graduated from Teacher Training with Bikram Choudhury in L.A. and then completed a teaching apprenticeship with Mary Jarvis before returning to England to be closer to family.

"I've taught and practised at 20-something studios in North America and Europe since 2002, all of which I've learned something from along the way but nothing compares to the foundation that I built by practising at Global Yoga with Mary for five years. The Richmond studio is a reflection of what I learned through those years."

"It took over three years to get this studio off the ground but now every day brings the excitement of new students discovering Bikram Yoga through what we are doing here in Richmond."

"The students here are inspirational. It is so much fun to teach and practise in a yoga studio where everyone around you is putting so much effort and integrity into what they are doing. People here are changing their lives and it's simply the best job in the world to be a part of that."

In January '09 Johnny competed at the UK Yoga Asana Championships and went on to represent the UK at the International Yoga Asana Championships held in LA in February.



Kristin practised her first Bikram yoga class in 2003 when she was home in California visiting her family.  She was four inches from touching her toes and even further away from a stress-free lifestyle, having just started her Ph.D.  She developed an immediate love-hate relationship with the yoga and decided to continue her practice upon returning to the UK.

As she got closer to touching her toes, Kristin started practising more frequently.  With every class, she was able to do more, her body was able to stretch further and her mind started to quiet.  She began to realise that the human body and mind are capable of so much more than most people give credit for, and that her previous ideas of potentials and limits were nowhere near what could actually be achieved. 

Each day, Kristin wakes up, brushes her teeth, eats, practises her yoga, and sleeps.  Daily yoga practice is central to Kristin's life, and with a little bit of English bulldog determination and redhead stubbornness, and a lot of patience, her body and mind have changed in ways she never thought possible. 

During the writing-up of her Ph.D., Kristin completed her 100 day challenge, practising at least once a day for 100 consecutive days, and within that completed her Marathon challenge, where she practised the full Richmond schedule for one week (24 classes).  She ended up completing 155 classes in 132 consecutive days (she is an overachiever).  She found that, even though at least 90 minutes per day were devoted to her practice, her ability to work intensely and under pressure was better than ever.

Kristin helped Johnny to open the studio in January 2007, and decided to go to Teacher Training in September 2007.  Her world revolves around Richmond Yoga and she couldn't be happier to be a part of such a wonderful and inspirational space.

Kristin is a two-times UK Yoga Asana Champion, having won and retained the title in 2010 and 2011. She represented the UK at the International Yoga Asana Championships in 2010.

“I love BYR because of the wonderful teachers and the very real sense of local community within the studio!”

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