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Richmond Yoga (formerly Bikram Yoga Richmond) opened in January 2007. We are a privately-owned, local community studio teaching Bikram method hatha yoga in a heated room. 


  • Facilities

    Our studio is approximately 1,000sqft and has a capacity of 40 students.

    We have changing rooms and individual shower cubicles. We provide simple, clean, functional, comfortable, yoga studio facilities. This is not a day spa but we do provide organic, natural shower gel.

  • Heating and Air

    We have a very efficient heating system which maintains consistent, even temperature to our studio as well as providing 10 litres of fresh air per second for every student in the room.

  • Philosophy

    We are CarbonNeutral®. Our heating system is gas-fired so we have offset these and other business carbon emissions through The CarbonNeutral Company. We believe that we are the first Bikram Method Yoga studio in the world to be accredited with this kind of status.

    Above and beyond our CarbonNeutral® status, our electricity is wind-generated, provided by Ecotricity.

    Social banking: Our main bank account is held with the world leader in socially and environmentally responsible banking, Triodos Bank.

    We recycle all the plastic bottles, cardboard and cartons from the studio. Our studio carpet is made from recycled yarn. Almost all of the paint that we have used within the studio is organic, non-toxic.

“I love BYR because of the wonderful teachers and the very real sense of local community within the studio!”

Lai-Ping Lai

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Certified Carbon Neutral

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