New Students

Ordinary people walk in, extraordinary people walk out

Our students are ordinary people like you who were looking for a level of change in their lives.  They simply came in for a class and discovered that they were capable of extraordinary things.

This is going to be a new experience for you, but it needn’t be overwhelming and it certainly shouldn’t be intimidating.

Anyone and everyone can do yoga. It has nothing to do with your flexibility, your fitness level, your size or your age. It has everything to do with your attitude and approach.

The day you come in for your first class will be the best day of your life. The day you come in for your second class will be the most important day of your life.

It may not seem logical to first-time students but we recommend the 90 minute class, not the short-format 60 minute class, for your first visits. The 90 minute class offers more time to teach and more time to learn which makes it easier to pick up a deeper understanding of the practice. The 60 minute class offers students who are already familiar with the series a way of fitting more classes into their practice schedule.

The FAQ section will answer many of the questions you might have about coming in for your first class. You might also want to look at our Community Testimonials pages to see what our students have to say about their studio.

Do your yoga.

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“Yoga is for everybody. There is no such thing as old and infirm. I will tell you the same thing even if you are 101.”

Bikram Choudhury

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