August Bank Holiday Schedule

Our Bank Holiday Schedule for the weekend 23rd-24th August is as follows:

10 10 10
12 12 12
5pm 5pm 5pm

Dhammaruwan Talk and Sit

New Class Schedule

Here is our new class schedule from 20th July

  7*   7*   8
10 10 10 10 10 10 10
12 12 12 12 12 12 12
6.15 6.15 6.15 6.15 6.15  5 5
8 8.15** 8 8.15**      

*60min class

**75min class

Mary Jarvis In The House

New Website Launch

Soon we will be launching our new website over on Among other things, once we do that we will be introducing an online payment system so you can buy memberships before you come in to class. Watch this/that space! :) 


Our New Student Introductory Offer has been improved for 2014.

  • 2 weeks unlimited yoga
  • £15

This offer is available to residents of Greater London and Surrey on their first visit to the studio.

April Thailand Retreat

The Lake at SunsetWe are heading back to Jungle Yoga in Khao Sok National Park in April 2015. This will be a 8-day retreat from 18th-26th April 2015 Full details available from reception.

World Champion ChauKei Ngai 29th Sept

Name Change

We are in the process of changing the company and studio name. We are now Richmond Yoga Ltd and the studio is The Richmond Yoga Centre.

This is a name change, not a yoga change. We continue to teach precisely the same yoga, with precisely the same schedule. Nothing changes within the studio except the name.

For existing students who have any questions about this, we have more information at the studio, we are sending more information out via email and we are open to questions at reception.

See you in the same hot room, doing the same series of yoga, soon.


Richmond Success at UK Yoga Championships

Women's Champion Kristin BergmanOur school enjoyed another successful year at the 2011 UK Yoga Asana Championships. Thirteen students from Richmond entered the championships and trained hard for many months in preparation. Kristin retained her title and Lisa Horgan came Joint 2nd.

Kristin has decided not to compete at the Internationals this year in June but Lisa will be heading to LA to represent the UK.2nd Place Lisa Horgan







Full Results:
Women’s Division
1st Kristin Bergman (Richmond)
2nd (joint) Lisa Horgan (Richmond)
2nd (joint) Bridgett Ane Goddard (Brighton Lanes)

Men’s Division
1st Michael Eley (London)
2nd Richard Wehr (Brighton)
3rd Cassiano Garcia (Fleet)

BYR Becomes CarbonNeutral®

CarbonNeutral LogoWe've talked about doing this for a long time but this year we have finally gotten around to doing something about it and have been accredited as a CarbonNeutral® company.

We now offset our carbon footprint by sponsoring a project to capture the volatile greenhouse gas methane from a managed landfill site.

We're not absolutely certain but we believe that we may be the first Bikram Yoga studio in the world to be accredited with this status.

“Twice a week for six months and my stomach is flat, my legs and arms are toned, and I have the most amazing back muscles I never knew existed!”


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Certified Carbon Neutral

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